South Africa Department of Home Affairs implemented new travel requirements for minors (children under 18) travelling to/ from South Africa as of 01 June 2015.

South African Airways is reminding parent/s travelling with children will be asked to produce the required documentations at check-in for each flight or their journey would be interrupted.

Regrettably from time to time we still get families travelling without being aware of the requirements or with no sufficient documentations. Please note of the following to minimise the impacts when you book families with children:

  • Children travelling with both parents, passport and full/ unabridged birth certificate with the details of both parents will be required
  • Children travelling with only one parent or unaccompanied will require to produce a legal document signed by any non-travelling parents, giving approval for the child’s travel. Otherwise, where applicable, they must produce a death certificate of a parent registered on the birth certificate of the child, or a court order granting sole custody. This legal document can be a Statutory Declaration or an Affidavit and must contain full names and passport details of both parents registered on the birth certificate and child(ren), with contact details for any non-travelling parent. The document should also specify the travel destinations of the parent and child(ren). These legal documents or certified copies of these documents cannot be more than 3 months old. If there is only one parent registered on the birth certificate, that person has sole responsibility.

The requirements apply for travel to/from South Africa only and doesn’t apply for the transit passengers travelling beyond South Africa.

Please find below the useful link to DHA website which with a few clicks you can check all the requirements. Also you can  find our previous trade advice:
Online assessment through DHA website
Download SAA trade advice on Child Immigration and Q&A

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