The Bushtracks Express is a luxurious steam train encapsulated in an air of romance and beauty of a bygone era, harmoniously paired with modern comfort and cuisine.

This historical steam train, a haven of old-world charm and stylish splendour is unsurpassed in its unrivalled service and serenity, as it takes passengers on a four-hour journey that uncovers some of the most beautiful components of Africa.

The train departs from the Victoria Falls Station and later steams onto the iconic Victoria Falls bridge, revealing the world-famous Victoria Falls at sunset. Guests alight onto the bridge for sundowners whilst gazing into the cavernous gorge which displays a rough wild beauty that, when bathed in the golden glow of a descending sun, is truly enchanting.

The cloud of mist from the waterfall looms large on the horizon and the gentle roar of the cascading Zambezi creates an ideal and romantic ambience.

The Bushtracks Express then journeys to the Jafuta conservancy siding in Zimbabwe, a space of unspoiled natural African wilderness, bordered by a backdrop of indigenous trees with the chance of spotting some of Africa’s iconic wildlife.

The trip is designed to accentuate the raw beauty of the surroundings, while guests experience a fine-dining experience in some of Africa’s most breath-taking locations. Divine food, fine wines and exquisite plating – each dish prepared by the chefs of the Victoria Falls Hotel, is an art form complemented by a natural canvas that emphasise the delicate flavours making this trip into history a sublime sensory adventure.

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