Africa Albida Tourism (AAT) is delighted to announce the launch of Victoria Falls Recycling, an initiative aimed at improving the levels of recycling in Victoria Falls town and the surrounding area.

Africa Albida Tourism, has partnered with local environmental conservationist Charlene Hewat to help protect one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and clean-up the local town. With tourism figures steadily rising in Zimbabwe and with Victoria Falls being a hot destination for 2018, it is vital that these increased numbers do not have a negative impact on the area.

Victoria Falls Recycling strives to increase the volume of recycling, whilst reducing the amount of litter in the town and the levels of waste taken to the local dumpsite unnecessarily. The project is currently focusing on paper and plastics. Paper and thin plastics will be taken to Harare where they will be recycled into plastic bags and piping, whilst thicker plastics, such as water bottles, will be sent to South Africa to be recycled into items such as clothing.

The campaign, which has hotels, retailers and local residents working together to recycle their own paper and plastic, is hoping to expand operations in the next year. Future plans include starting to recycle glass and aluminium beverage cans, as well as taking recyclable goods from the wider Victoria Falls area.

AAT has always had a strong focus on environment protection strategies and fostering a spirit of partnership with local communities. By implementing the first recycling plant in Victoria Falls town, AAT has further strengthened its leadership role in conservation matters in the region. Guests staying with Africa Albida Tourism in one of their four gorgeous Zimbabwean properties can rest assured that they won’t be contributing to the plastic waste problem.

Speaking about Victoria Falls Recycling, AAT Chief Executive Ross Kennedy said, “The recycling project is a great initiative, which will have a hugely positive impact on the Victoria Falls community, and as tackling environmental and conservation challenges has always been a priority for us, we look forward to working on more ventures together with the community.”

Africa Albida Tourism, which has properties in both Zimbabwe and Botswana, is always looking for ways in which to give back to local communities. Not only will this recycling initiative help the environment, but it is also creating jobs. The operation has been set up as a community-based project with locals trained to operate the machines, sort waste, bale, load and manage the project, ensuring it is a fully sustainable programme.

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